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Welcome to FloorKing

Flooring at its best!

FloorKing is committed to excellent workmanship,professionalism, our clients and our deep respect for the environment.

With it’s exceptionally lenghty lifespan, the elegant look of wooden floors adds warmth and character to any room.

By choosing FloorKing you will get the best of both worlds – Great quality flooring and a greater affordability than ever before.

About Floorking

Founded in 2010, this company does not know how to stop climbing the ladder of success!  At FloorKing, we pride ourselves on the degree of excellent workmanship and professionalism, our clients and have a deep respect for the environment.

FloorKing has completed several commercial and industrial projects and have also worked closely with S.A.’s top interior and industrial designers to create the perfect space that our clients envision. A little excellence, goes a long way…

 Completed Flooring Projects

We pride ourselves in the level of excellence and passion incorporated into all of our flooring projects. We believe that there is no project too big or too small…

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082 414 8905

Unit A, 16 Combrick Street

Alrode, Alberton


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